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Rollmat: Floors under protection
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Features of mats

Floors decorate interiors of our offices and flats. They often become visit cards. That is why, we take care of their look: we put different types of flooring, parquet or panels. However, each of these types of foundation is destroyed with time, especially in places with increased pressure and movement congestion. One of these places is space under our desks, where swivel chairs are, which destroy our floors. This is the place where carpet floorings deform permanently, PVC floorings loose their colour and shine and floorboards as well as panels are scratched. How to help?

It is enough to put a special pad under a chair in a crucial place - ROLLMAT protective mat made of durable polycarbonate. Thanks to it, wheels used with chairs will roll freely on a ground. Floor mat is transparent and it perfectly fits to a ground and it practically does not change its look. One simple operation and our floors will remain safe and beautiful for longer!


Rollmat mats are made of transparent polycarbonate with high wear resistance.
Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material (formed by injection and melt embossing). They have very good mechanical features, especially when it comes to notch impact stress and high transparency. Characteristics of polycarbonate is quite similar to Plexiglas but polycarbonate is much more mechanically resistant. Its hardness and pressure resistance is close to aluminium.
Polycarbonate is used in places where materials with exceptionally good mechanical parameters are needed. The most popular use is in layers which resistant glass panes from breaking and even shooting through using fire arms. Panes made of pure polycarbonate are also used in bathyscaphes, planes, panes of astronauts' and Formula 1 drivers' helmets. Polycarbonate is also used to produce baby bottles, information carriers and CDs.

Why polycarbonate and not PVC?

PVC mats encourage for purchase with their price, which unfortunately does not translate to their quality. They attract with transparency which resembles glass. Unfortunately, after several days, it loses the shine and becomes scratched, unattractive surface. PVC mats are not heat resistant. That is why, they emit unpleasant smell under the impact of higher temperatures. What is more, the material used for production wears quickly and becomes deformed. That is why, is it a good idea to be satisfied with a short-term effect, when you can have ROLLMAT mat, which will not let you down for many years?
Before use

After a week's use

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