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User's manual

User's manual of
floor polycarbonate mats

For smooth mats with thickness of 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm as well as
mats z with insets, thickness 2.0 mm + 3 mm (spike height)

  1. The mat shape cannot be changed.
  2. The mat is for internal use only.
  3. Only chairs and armchairs equipped with rubber or plastic wheels can be used on the mat.
  4. No other objects or furniture can be placed on the mat.
  5. The mat without inlets can be used only on hard floors or carpets with horsehair not higher than 2 mm.
  6. The mat with inlets can be used with carpets with low or medium horsehair. Inlets cannot have contact with hard floor.
  7. Grinding or highly alkaline cleaning products (with acetone, benzene, fuel or tetrachloromethane) cannot be used. Cleaning should be performed with a soft sponge moistened in a lukewarm water with mild soap or faintly acid, natural or faintly alkaline detergent.
  8. The mat without inlets should be placed smooth-surface up to the floor.
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